My name is Anne Van Patten.  You may have seen some of my posts on many genealogical websites.  After researching my roots for about the last 20 years and growing my database to nearly 18,000, I thought it was about time  I’d start my own forum and share my knowledge, tips and ideas with others who are searching, too.

I’ve spent countless hours scouring the internet, searching through seemingly endless microfilm rolls in research libraries, reading book after book, traveling all over the East coast, and conducting both telephone and face-to-face interviews of older relatives, some I’ve known and some I’ve only recently met.  My kids, even though they’re now adults, still hate to go in the car with me,  knowing that it may lead to us traipsing through some long forgotten cemetery covered in poison ivy!!  In my searches, I have met many “cousins”, organized a few family reunions and have even been able to help some adoptees connect with their biological families.  It all has been very rewarding for me!  

Now, this is my first attempt at blogging , so I ask that you bear with me as I “learn by doing!”