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Before I begin, I want to tell you, in case you don’t already know, that the 2nd season premiere of Who Do You Think You Are starts tonight on NBC.  It is sponsored by Ancestry.com.  Click the title to find out more and to watch episodes online that you may have missed from last season.

I mentioned before that I like the word “free.”  Don’t we all?  Well, it’s also been said that “anything worth having comes at a price.”  So, this is where I go from “free” to “not so free!”  Ancestry.com is one of the biggest, if not the biggest genealogy site on the internet.  Here it is practically guaranteed that you will  find your ancestors, connect with others searching the same families, and much, much more.  All of this wonderful information comes at a price, albeit, not that huge of a price.  If you want a “one-stop-shop”, then you may want to consider subscribing.

Let me say here that I love Ancestry.  Do I need to have a subscription to find out all I want to know about my ancestors?  Probably not.  But it will take you longer and more work will be involved if you decide to go at it alone.  I guess it depends on how instant you like your gratification!  When I first subscribed to Ancestry years ago, there wasn’t that much to choose from online.  I liked the “one-stop-shop,” but I also like doing research in other places.  I like going to the library and I also like traveling to small towns (and large ones, too!) and chatting with the nice, often extremely helpful people that work at the local historical societies.  But what if I lived in the middle of Montana somewhere?  I would have to rely on the internet and Ancestry would be a wonderful place to spend my time (and a little money!)

So, where to begin?  Check out what they have to offer and make a decision that’s right for you.  Ancestry has its own learning center and even has web seminars to assist you.  It’s all basically set up for you, the novice, to begin your virtual ancestral hunt!  Just point and click…and enjoy!