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Yes, my blog was hacked!  I couldn’t believe it when I checked my email last night and found a note from my cousin letting me know.  What a pain!!   Why would anyone hack my blog?  Crazy!   And, I was afraid to call tech support to get things straightened out because we were having severe thunderstorms and were under a tornado watch.  All I kept thinking was that my computer was going to be fried!  One more reason to back up my files this morning, for sure!!

But Mark at Bluehost was very helpful and backed up my blog so that only one post is missing.  He emailed me some ideas for extra security so hopefully this won’t happen again.  He was great.  Some things still don’t seem right (like my title is doubled and my blog looks like I forgot to know how to space),  but I’m working on it.

Another thing those hackers did was cause my followers to be erased.  So, if the storm didn’t blow you away, would you come back and follow me?  I miss you already!

Speaking of the storm, what a spring we’ve had!  Please join me in praying for those in Joplin, MO and other parts of this country for those who have been left devastated and have lost or are missing family members.  I can’t imagine what they’re going through.  We didn’t get it too bad last night…some trees fell and some were still without electricity as of this morning.  We were fortunate.

Well, back to shaking the family tree…a little more gently!