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Manic Monday…on Wednesday!

I returned from visiting my mother this past week. She has kidney disease and I was dreading the thought of her having to start dialysis. Well, her numbers are better and she is stable for the time being. It was such good news!

In other good news, my husband started a new full-time job and, even though I’m no longer working outside of our home, our lives can get back to some sort of normalcy…regular bedtime, meal times, etc. My thought was to wake up on Monday morning and start anew, refreshed. I would spend a good part of my day doing my genealogy research, read others’ blogs, work on my own blog, oh, and maybe get some housework done, and plan some wonderful meals using the end-of-the-season vegetables still growing in my garden.

So, on Monday morning, with all of my grogginess at 6am and with my first cup of coffee of the day, I plopped down in front of my little laptop. I started her up, she loaded fine and opened at Ancestry, my home page! How I missed it! How I miss my little Gateway when I’m gone, with all my passwords and favorite pages bookmarked for me! I am spoiled, for sure!

Well, I opened another page and oh, crud, my cursor became stuck…didn’t want to budge. I tried hitting “control, alt, delete” to start my task manager. Duh, nothing. Well, I tried a couple of other things, too, all to no avail. I had no recourse but to turn her off and turn her back on again. WRONG MOVE!! I guess she was angry with me for being gone so long and she refused to open Windows. I searched for hours on my tiny iPhone for a solution, but never found anything that worked. So, she is off to the computer hospital and, I’m stuck here at home praying for her survival!

My daughter has been kind enough to lend me her laptop while she’s working. No love affair with this one, but it’s letting me post. Thank God I remembered some passwords. However, I have no genealogy program or any pictures loaded on this computer, so my post is kind of blah. But, I just wanted to let you know I’m still around…waiting on my laptop’s diagnosis and prognosis, hoping she’ll get a good report like my mother did!

(Til I post again, here’s a link to History In Advance. I had never heard of the website before. My cousin, Elaine, has written a couple of articles that you might find interesting. Take a look around and join their mailing list…good stuff!!)