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Drunkenness, drunk driving, and its consequences, are in the news more and more these days, despite the crack down by law enforcement and groups like M.A.D.D.  Just last week, teen idol, Justin Bieber made the headlines when he was arrested for a DUI.  More and more, our teens and preteens seem to gravitate to alcohol abuse and its cousin, illicit drugs, and those people that kids look up to – actors, musicians, hell, even their parents – often mock the effects of alcohol and drugs.  Justin used his arrest as a photo op!

I’m no prude, and have had my share of “tying one on,” but I have been thinking about the unnecessariness (yes, it is a word…I looked it up!) of drinking to excess and the negative effects it has on a family.  Alcoholism has run rampant in my own family, even before the days of Prohibition.  Reliable sources have said that even my own great-grandmother ran a speakeasy from her home!  If you have read some of my previous posts, you will note that more than one person in my family have been shot and killed, mostly due to the effects of alcohol on judgement.  My own father was an alcoholic and my mother lived a lot of her days in fear, never knowing if he would be in a good mood or a bad one when he came home from the bar.  Thank God, in his latter years, Dad gave it up, along with his 3 pack-a-day cigarette habit!

So, saying all of this, I want to introduce today my second cousin, Danny Brannon, President/CEO at IMPACT DUI, Inc. (Formerly Right Turn of Maryland.)  Danny graduated from the “School of Hard Knocks.”  I’m offering his story today, with the hope that you’ll read it & heed it!

And I just want to add how proud I am of him!

Read Danny’s Story here.daniel-brannon