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Contributed by Gayle Neuhaus

When I was searching for an obituary, requested by a Find A Grave contact, I was rewarded with this article in The Creighton News (Creighton, NE), dated 9 June 1938.

This was written by…

Mrs. William (Arlene) Neuhaus, my Mom (great-granddaughter of Welcome and Augusta Ballou Davidson & great-great granddaughter of Levi & Mary Marble Ballou)

My Dad’s sisters, Marie Neuhaus Closter and Helen Neuhaus Schram, and his cousin, Lillian Neuhaus.

Florence Collen, a friend.

Mom and Helen each had an off beat sense of humor, so, this poem did not surprise me. But the fact it was printed in the local newspaper did!

Since the article is a little difficult to read, a transcription is provided below.

Five Foolish Fems in a Ford-002


Five little girls from Nebraska state,

Started to California to meet their fate.

Their little old Ford did its very best,

To get them out to the Golden West.

The first night was spent for Flo’s benefit,

At Ogallala, near the dam that Frances fixed.

The next morning out of Nebraska at 50 per,

Spent that same night at Den-ver-r.

All this time how Marie did pine,

To leave her man so far behind.

And every morning in bed so frilly,

Arlene would say, “This won’t get me home to my Willie.”

Arlene’s “True Story” did thrill Helen so,

As Barney was the big hero,

“Love Walked Right In,” was Lillian’s favorite piece,

Which we played while waiting for a feast.

But my! Oh, my!  What a shock!

When in walked a drunken soc.

In Canon City were cowboys in boots.

On the street, a staggering cowboy yelled, “Ti Hoots.”

Then on to the Royal Gorge we did go,

But to cross it the poor gals didn’t have the dough.

Coming down the road of Monarch Pass,

We stepped on the brakes to save the gas,

And went to Sargent’s to hit the hay,

“Mexicans!  Dirt!  Phoo-ey!”  We didn’t stay.

On to Gunnison to find a cabin,

Rented one and started crabbin’,

As the woman refunded the money, advice gave –

“Next time inspect your cabin and trouble save.”

Found our second cabin with great delight

And spent there the rest of the night.

We saw little animals with stripped hair

Who carried their tails up in the air.

When on a high mountain peak,

We did partake of a snowball fete.

As down the mountain we did go,

To eat at Silverton below.

We stopped to drink of a spring so clear,

Although it didn’t compare with Nebraska beer.

Driving into Durango

Our little Ford did the Tango.

Leaving the mountain so far behind

With nothing on its feeble mind.

As in the mountain tops we gradually climbed,

Each one of us contributed a rhyme.

Our fourth night in Cortez we spend,

Which brings this day to an end.


The above poetry refers to Misses Marie and Helen Neuhaus, their cousin, Miss Lillian Neuhaus of Omaha, and Mrs. Wm. Neuhaus and Miss Florence Collen and is intended as an account of their trip to Los Angeles, Calif.  Each girl contributed her part to the article, which terminated on last Saturday evening when they arrived at Cortez, Colo.  They are taking plenty of time enroute, and viewing various sights of interest to their destination where they will spend the summer vacation.