Twenty-five years ago today, after many miscarriages and being told I would not be able to have more children, God added a fourth person to our little family.  Emily Joy was our miracle baby!

During my pregnancy, I was seen by an expert in high-risk pregnancies.  The doctor always assured me that everything was going well and on Valentine’s Day, February 14,  during my final sonogram, he told me the baby would be between 6 – 7 pounds.

To make a long story short, ten days after the sonogram and after about 27 hours of labor, the doctor thought it best that Em would come into the world via Caesarean section.  I asked to be “put out” for the birth and while in the recovery room,  when I was coming out of the anesthesia, I heard a nurse saying, “Anne, you have a beautiful big 9 pound, 14 ounce baby girl!”  I knew I was hearing wrong…must still be in a fog of some sort.  I didn’t even open my eyes, thinking I was in a dream.  “Anne, don’t you want to see your baby?  Wake up!!”  I said, “I’ll wake up as soon as somebody tells me the truth!”  Then I heard my husband say, “It’s true…she is almost 10 pounds!!”  Wow!!

When I saw her, she looked to be about three months old.  Since I didn’t witness her birth, I had a hard time believing she came from me!!  She had a head full of thick, dark hair and dark blue eyes.  “She IS absolutely beautiful,” I cried!

She arrived exactly one week before her older sister’s eighth birthday.  I called my mother to give her the news and wanted to tell my older daughter myself.  “Guess what, Honey?  You have a brand new baby sister and she weighs almost 10 pounds.  Can you believe it? She has lots of hair and is really cute…you’re going to love her!”  Adrianne replied, “Wow!  Well, guess what, Mommy?  Aunt Tina came over today and gave me my birthday present…a GENUINE leather pocketbook!  Can you believe it??  I am so excited!  I can’t wait to show my friends at school!”  And that was that.  At least both of us were excited about something!

Well, Emily’s full head of dark hair turned blonde (although she changes the color now from time to time.)  Her eyes remained blue, though.  She doesn’t look anything like me or my side of the family.  She has her father’s Scandinavian looks.  She does have my sense of humor, so for that I’m grateful!  And the pocketbook faded out of the picture by the time I returned home with our little bundle of “Emily Joy.”  Adrianne loved being the big sister and took her role very seriously.  There were some arguments between the girls over the years, but never any jealousy…and for that I’m grateful, too!

So, Happy Birthday today, Emily!  We love you and thank God for giving you to us, even though with every birthday you have, we get older, too!