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A Guest Post from Cousin Gayle Neuhaus


Boo & the star of CATNAPPED!, Squirt

Boo & the star of CATNAPPED!, Squirt

Squirt was a motherless baby when Boo, my tomcat, brought him home.  He was about 4 inches high, golden yellow, and too young to be away from his mother.

Boo took his job seriously and raised Squirt, who is now bigger than Boo.

Some weeks ago, Squirt did not show up for supper…a first.

Boo and I called and searched for an hour.  Finally, I locked Boo up for the night, hoping Squirt was in a neighbor’s shed and would be let out by morning.

For two days, no Squirt.  All my inquiries led nowhere.  Coming home from her overnight job at a care center, my daughter, Tarese, called, “I know where Squirt is…in Creighton.”   That town is six miles away.

She told a friend at work, Squirt was missing.  By chance, that friend had been told by another gal, she had taken an orange cat home  from Winnetoon.

So, immediately, Tarese and I made a trip to Creighton to rescue my abducted cat.  We were a bit apprehensive.

The husband answered the door,  “Who are you and what do you want?”   Then the abductor came out.

I said, “I heard my cat hitchhiked a ride to Creighton with you.  I hope he hasn’t been any trouble.”

“Is it orange?”

I followed her into the back bedroom.  She got down on her hands and knees and pulled out a little three year old girl, dressed only in underpants.

“That’s not my cat,”  I stated.

She again got down and pulled out Squirt.  He didn’t seem upset, even with two small children and two yappy dogs bouncing around.  Our biggest problem was stuffing him into his pet carrier.

As we left, the husband asked why we called Squirt “he,” since the cat did not have male parts and was going to have kittens.  I replied, “Squirt is a neutered male.”

Squirt was returned to his nightly quarters with Boo.  They showed their happiness at being reunited by rubbing noses and massaging each other’s necks.

Tasting indoor living for two days and two nights convinced Squirt this is the life!  For several days, I had to chase him out of my store.

Mitten (who I have written about before) continues to reign.  Occasionally, she steps out the front door, snarls at Boo and Squirt and stomps back in…showing them who is in charge.

Yes, I am too involved with my cats.