Since some of my family & friends have been wondering where I’ve been the last 6-8 weeks, I decided to let you all know collectively. Since many things have involved my family, I guess this qualifies as a “Few Nuts” post! 

                       OK, so just like David Letterman, here’s my top 10 –

                                 “Reasons Anne Is Not Blogging Lately.” 

  1.  I started back to work in my former position on August 25th…YAY! It’s a 150 mile round trip daily commute…
  2.  I rented out my house for October 1st and we still don’t have a place to live yet…or much packed. 
  3.  Doug sold his truck on Saturday, September 6th.  He got $550 less than he asked for it after the guy who bought it kept pointing out more problems.
  4.  I hit a deer and totaled my car last Friday, September 12th. Doug bought 4 new tires for it on Thursday, September 11th.
  5.  Thinking…whose car do we drive now??
  6.  My mother just got the news that she will have to start kidney dialysis soon. She lives 300 miles away in Maryland.
  7.  Blaming God…winter is coming.
  8.  Thanking God…nobody tagged me to do the “grateful thing” on Facebook.
  9.  Knowing…It WAS a nice day today…(see, I can be grateful!!)
  10.  Wondering…am I related to Job???