About Me

After “doing” genealogy for about the last 20 years or so and growing my database to over 18,000 names, I thought it might be time to start sharing and hopefully find new “cousins” who can help fill in the blanks.

I was born and raised in the Baltimore suburbs and my ancestry goes back to Maryland’s beginnings.  One of my great+ grandfathers owned land called “Cole’s Harbor” which is now Baltimore Inner Harbor!   I also have Irish, English, Finnish, French, Native American and Czech on my side, with a little bit of this and that thrown in.  Most of my husband’s side of the family is from New York and Pennsylvania – English, Dutch and Swedish.  Together, we’re some mix!

I love to discover buried treasures, so just having a bunch of names in a database means nothing to me unless I can explore and find out more about the people.  Each family has its own “nuts” and I sure love finding mine!



1 thought on “About Me”

  1. Don Andrew said:

    I have further info on the FOSS family of Bradford County, Pa. Please contact me.

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