My Surnames

Ballou – Onondaga Co., NY; Oneida Co., NY; DuPage Co., IL

Edwardsen – Norway; Allegan Co., MI

Kern – Germany; Allegan Co., MI

Marble – Vermont; Oneida Co., NY; DuPage Co., IL

Löija – Finland; Massachusetts

Maroney – County Clare, Ireland; Boston, MA; Worcester, MA; Oldsmar, FL

Nind – England; DuPage Co., IL

Sanderson – Massachusetts; Illinois; Iowa; Missouri

Fountain – France; Biloxi, MS; Baltimore, MD

Fournier – Mississippi

Ladnier/Ladner – Mississippi

Tomášek – Bohemia; Baltimore, MD

Levy – Bohemia; Baltimore, MD

Brannan/Brannon – Baltimore, MD

Ferrell – Baltimore, MD

Joynes/Joines – Baltimore, MD

White – Somerset Co., MD; Baltimore, MD

Van Patten – Schenectady Co., NY; Elmira, NY

SwartSchenectady Co., NY

Barnum – Greene Co., NY; Bradford Co., PA; Elmira Heights, NY

Griswold – Bradford Co., PA

Foss – New Hampshire; Bradford Co., PA

Coon – Bradford Co., PA

Stratton – Berks Co., PA; Pottsville, Schuylkill Co., PA; Columbia Co., PA; Tioga Co., PA

Edlund – Sweden; Worcester, MA; Cortland, NY

Börgesson – Sweden; Cortland, NY

Cross – Columbia Co., NY; Tioga Co., PA

Terry – Tioga Co., PA

Jones – Bradford Co., PA

and many more…


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