This poem is about my “grand” dog, written by my grandson.  Genealogy isn’t just about life and death facts, but about our lives as we live them!

My grandson & his new beagle mix puppy, Zelda

My grandson & his new beagle mix puppy, Zelda

Two months ago, I bought a dog,

A soft dog, not like a slimy frog.

Every morning, when I’m in my bed,

I wake up and see her small, furry head.

And when I take her outside,

I am always filled with pride.

When people compliment her adorable face,

Instead of calling her an ugly disgrace.

When I go inside and feed her lunch,

From the other room, I can hear a satisfied crunch.

While she sits by her water, lapping it up,

I kneel and admire my new little pup.

While I sit and watch TV,

My dog is sitting next to me.

While on her back, she lets out a snore,

A little sound which I adore.

When it’s time for bed,

I once again see her head.

This time, she’s ready for sleep,

A memory I’ll always keep.