A Guest Post by Cousin Gayle Neuhaus

Saturday evening as I passed shelves holding several of my small antique items, Ma Carter caught my eye.  I thought, “Ma, you have been sitting on my shelf for over 30 years.  I know you are lonesome for Pa.  In all this time, I have not been able to find him.”

Sunday, my two daughters, Gina and Tarese, and my only granddaughter, Anna Alette (named after three gggggrandmothers) went on our annual antiquing trip.

Our first stop…The Hen House.  I told Tarese, her chicken coop was cleaner and more appealing.

Next we trooped to Park Avenue Antiques, a great place.  We enjoyed this shop immensely.

Then, I saw him!  Pa Carter was incarcerated in a locked showcase.  I was astounded…after all these years!

His bail was set mighty high, but I had to spring him.  Ma was still waiting alone on her shelf.

Ma must have been pleased to see Pa.  She didn’t even us e her rolling pin on him.  Now, they are together on my shelf, eyes side glancing at each other.  She has a hint of a smile, he looks a bit ashamed.

“This seems far-fetched, but actually did happen.”